Thank you for visiting my website, I am Justice Michael B. Hyman and I am seeking to continue to be a member on the Illinois Appellate Court which hears appeals from the Circuit Court of Cook County. I have served on the appellate bench for almost seven years and as a judge for over 12 years.

As an appellate justice, I have authored hundreds of decisions, mostly involving criminal law issues. What matters most to me is that I fairly and impartially evaluate the facts, the law, the legal arguments, and the record of the proceedings.

I do not decide appeals based on policy preferences, popular or personal opinion, ideological attitudes, or who represents the parties, if anyone. Never does race, socio-economic class, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, or other characteristics matter.  I make a point of treating every litigant with dignity and respect, and I explain my reasoning so all litigants understand it. In every decision, I strive to make sure that all parties feel that justice has been done; otherwise, justice is merely an illusion.  

I encourage you to look over my bar ratings, in which I have always been found "Highly Qualified" or “Qualified” I’ve also been endorsed by the Cook County Democratic Party. 

Over the course of this campaign, I will strive to build a diverse and powerful coalition of voters -- and I look forward to earning your support in the March 17th primary election.



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